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The cast of OITNB for People magazine.
"I’ve worked in bigger casts, but it’s always mostly men like on That ’70s show. So actually, working around all of these women, I was a little nervous. But seriously, they’re all so wonderful. There’s not one girl who’s like a diva.” - Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon in white tank top for Ice Bucket Challenge!

"You were a shooting star amongst ordinary stars." -Jack (1996)

R.I.P Robin Williams




The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

This is honestly the most heart breaking thing I’ve seen in a long time

This is so important. We mustn’t let these words, or the people that said them be forgotten. We can’t let the reality of these murders fade from memory. These are all very young people, most of them just kids. And they were stolen from this earth.


*when someone be talking sht*


*when someone be talking sht*


make me choose // asked: Piper Chapman or Amy Raudenfeld

An inspirational note from one hell of a teacher!

An inspirational note from one hell of a teacher!